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February 1, 2016

People often wonder should I supplement or not? Isn't eating healthy, organic foods enough? I wish it was. However, due to the state of our soil content, not to mention the GMO's and contaminated water, we are fighting an uphill battle with our food.


As far back as 1992, the Earth Summit Report stated that there was an 85% mineral depletion in our soil from our mass farming methods. That was 24 years ago! Not only is our soil lacking in minerals, our conventional food is full of pesticides and genetically modified ingredients making it that much more difficult to obtain proper nutritional value. We may look well fed but many of us are dealing with various levels of malnutrition.


So yes, eat healthy and as much as possible. And supplement your diet with high quality basics such as Omega 3's, Vit D3, probiotics and liquid minerals, to name a few. And remember, not all supplements are good. In fact, much of what is on the market is what I call "expensive poop". Look for co...

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