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July 9, 2016

The symptoms of chronic fatigue are growing in epidemic proportions in the U.S.  One of the chief complaints I hear from clients is, "I'm so tired".  In fact, fatigue is one of the things that plagued my life for many years until I found help in the natural health field. "Your blood work is normal," "There is nothing wrong with you," "You must be depressed," were just a few phrases I heard over and over from my medical doctors, and the common complaint I get from my clients.  

You are not crazy and probably not least not yet. What you may be experiencing is adrenal fatigue. This happens when the adrenals have been managing long term or sometimes short term stress in the body and begin to lose the ability to function normally.

The adrenal glands are responsible for our "flight or fight" response and were designed to help protect us in times of danger or immediate stress. They produce adrenaline to increase our heart rate, help us focus more cl...

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Tired of Feeling Tired?

July 9, 2016

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