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Located in East Nashville.

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Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins! Most recommend 1/2 your body weight in ounces spread throughout the day (no more than 100 ounces a day).

Make sure your bowels are moving at least twice a day or more with a healthy, solid stool. If you become constipated during a cleanse, stop immediately and add in Magnesium Complex- 3 caps PM (300 mg) and 3 caps (300 mg) AM until bowels begin to move. If not moving within 24 hours, try LBS II capsules or Aloe Vera juice, warm lemon juice or prune juice. 

If stools become too loose during cleansing, stop the cleanse until stools become solid and start again, eliminating any herbal bowel stimulant.  

*Do not use psyllium or bowel stimulants if you have been diagnosed with bowel issues such as Colitis or Crohn's Disease. Please consult with your medical doctor and herbalist for alternative cleansing methods.


**The following cleanses are available in our East Nashville store and can also be found on our Online Store.

CleanStart Regular- Basic cleanse for those with regular bowel movements twice at day. 

CleanStart Mild- Basic cleanse for those who are prone to loose stools/IBS.

Dieter’s Cleanse- great for jump starting your weight loss. 

Tiao He- focuses on Liver cleansing. Contains a blend of Eastern and Western herbs.

Candida Clear- a cleanse designed to help balance yeast overgrowth. Best if taken with Probiotics and with a yeast/sugar free meal plan. 2 to 3 cleanses back to back are recommended depending on severity of yeast symptoms. Use with a probiotic to replace healthy gut flora.

Para-Cleanse- great cleanse for Parasites. Buy 2 boxes. Complete first box, wait 10 days and repeat second box. 

Pau D’arco- kills yeast. Can be used as an alternative to Candida Clear. Comes in capsules, liquid and bulk tea. For better results, use with Silver Shield liquid and a probiotic.

**We recommend working with someone knowledgeable on cleansing to help you determine the cleanse that is best for you. 

This information is for educational purposes only and is for the sole purpose of offering helpful tips for cleansing. Please use cleanses, as directed on the box.  Nutritional and Supplement suggestions are for educational purposes and all clients should consult their medical doctor for any health concerns regarding their health or supplements. Be Well Nashville is not a medical facility and does not diagnose medical conditions but is merely making nutritional suggestions for additional support. Be Well Nashville does give medical advice nor do they recommend stopping any prescription medications unless under the guidance of the client's physician. Nutritional and herbal supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA for any treatment or prevention of disease.

Cleansing Tips