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Health & Happiness Movement - Dr. Leslie Shew & Jenna C.
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Dr. Leslie Shew is a creative brain expert and health coach and consultant to the stars!.. Dr. Leslie is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and holds a PhD in Natural Health Sciences. Dr. Leslie has also successfully server our community as a Practitioner, Nashville entrepreneur, teacher, ‘mentor-to-the-stars’ and recent author on brain health and anti-aging. She spent 16 years teaching high school kids before going into natural health.


Dr. Leslie is an authority in natural health and a brilliant resource for specialized anti-aging solutions. Her areas of specialty are creative nutrition, intestinal health, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, metabolic health and brain health - for those struggling with ADD/ADHD and sports accident or degenerative head injuries including Alzheimer’s health issues.


The good doctor is a humble and highly knowledgeable coach to creative celebrities, serial entrepreneurs, performing musicians, artists and professional athletes alike. She  takes pride in any opportunity to assist you with your individual wellness needs. She hosts weekly health classes for community education commonly referred to as an IN.FORM Wellness Class! She currently continues to provide individual client sessions on a consultation basis as she launches her new store, Be Well Nashville, LLC, a health and wellness store opening in February 2016.


Aside from her upcoming book and individual publishing efforts, Dr. Leslie is hosting new creative educational video and television series targeting brain health, concussion protocols for professional NFL football athletes and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors. Her recently featured interviews on the Health and Happiness Movement, with Jenna C., providing exposure in Canada. She will be hosted by the highly respected Dr. Carri Drzyzga show for her knowledge on concussion recovery and how brain injuries affect health and quality of life.


Nashville's health and wellness community is about to get an awareness and educational mindest 'booster shot' from the industry's most compassionate advocate for brain health.


Leslie G. Shew, PhD, CTN

Be Well Nashville, LLC

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