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Silver Shield:
A safe, non-toxic silver solution that is extremely effective against a wide range of pathogens.

Kills bacteria, viruses and yeast!

Safe to use anywhere in the body. Helps reduce burning, itching and inflammation.


  • Offers broad-spectrum immune support

  • Is composed of nano-size particles to ensure maximum bioavailability and potency

  • Provides 20 ppm of pure silver (100 mcg per serving)

How It Works:

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology features pure silver particles suspended in pure water for powerful support. It is manufactured using a patented process with strict quality control to verify potency and purity. The result is fine, bioavailable, particle-sized colloids.


20 ppm of pure silver (100 mcg per serving)

Recommended Use:

Take one teaspoon, swish and swallow, three times daily. Do not mix with salt or salty-liquids. 

Safe for Pets too!

6 oz $24.60 ($4.10 per oz)

16 oz $45.50 ($2.84 per oz)

32 oz $73.25 ($2.28 per oz*Best deal!)

1 oz $12.65

3 oz $21.65