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Are your toxins making you fat?

April 7, 2016



If you are breathing in air, you have some level of toxicity in your body.  Unfortunately, we are surrounded by a constant flow of toxins in our food, water, air, house hold cleaners, cosmetics, even mother's breast milk has been shown to contain many types of carcinogens and toxins so no one is immune to this exposure. We obviously cannot live without air, food or water but we can make some changes in our lifestyles to help reduce the amount of toxic exposure. 


One thing you can do to eliminate your toxic load is a good cleanse. Not only does it help remove the nasty chemicals, it can also promote weight loss. The more toxic you are, the more acidic you are. The more acidic you are, the more your body holds on to your fat. So, if you are having trouble losing that last 5 or 10 pounds, consider doing a cleanse to assist your body in taking out the trash!


5 Steps to detoxify your body:

1. Drink filtered water

2. Eat only organic fruits, veggies and meats.

3. Get an air filter and water/shower filter for your home.

4. Look for clean, non-toxic household and cosmetic products

5. Consider a cleanse twice a year in the spring and fall. 


Remember when detoxing that not everyone benefits from the same cleanse and in some cases, folks may need to rebuild the body before cleansing to avoid an unpleasant experience! It's best to work with a holistic health practitioner to determine the best cleanse for your body. And don't forget that stress adds to our toxic load so find a great source of exercise and let go, sweat out the toxins and cleanse your way to a healthier, happier you!


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