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Exploring Your Microbiome

May 19, 2016


Your microbiome (gut) is by far the most important part of staying healthy. We have trillions of microbes living in our body and some of the most important ones live in our belly. The state of our intestinal health is responsible for 80% of our immune function so regardless of why someone comes to see me, I always start there. 


There are many factors responsible for a healthy microbiome such as environmental toxins, exercise and sleep but the most influential factor is the food we eat. Certain foods are known to cause inflammation in our gut such as gluten, dairy and sugar. However, most people do not even know they are inflamed. Signs of intestinal inflammation are gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, IBS, headaches, skin issues, fatigue, foggy thinking and even depression. Poor gut health can also lead to diabetes and even cancer.


A recent study from The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation looked at the effects of the microbiome and weight loss. They found that those with healthy guts were not only able to maintain healthier weight levels but were able to lose weight much easier than those with unhealthy intestinal systems. One researcher there stated that, "The way we eat is literally making us sick. The link between our diet and diabetes, weight gain and cardiovascular compromise can no longer be denied."


How do you improve your microbiome?

1. Remove inflammatory foods like gluten, cow's dairy and processed sugars.

2. Drink plenty of clean water with fresh squeezed lemon or liquid chlorophyll.

3. Add in fermented foods as they are rich in prebiotics.

4. Take a high quality probiotic to populate your healthy bacteria.

5. Throw away the TUMS! If you are experiencing heart burn or indigestion, it's not likely coming from too much acid, rather not enough of HCL. Taking a good digestive enzyme combined with HCL before meals should do the trick. You can also try a daily dose of apple cider vinegar, and stay away from those sodas!

6. Exercise and reduce your stress!! Stress takes it's toll on our intestinal health and is the trigger for many issues such as IBS.



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